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Woman forcibly pushed down a a flight of stairs at a polling station by Spanish Police.

Catalonians vote amidst violent clampdown.

The Catalonian refendum vote has decended into chaos admist violent scenes and riots in the state capital of Barcelona.

Whilst an overwhelming number of people headed to pollings stations on Sunday, Spanish Police, backed by the national government in Madrid citing a Spanish constitutional court ruling, were systematically clashing with voters.

Many of the scenes broadcast globally by the news media, show the clashes, which would normally be expected of violent clashes, not an act of democracy.

Cales Puigdemont, the leader of the Catalan region, said; "The unjustified use of violence - by the Spanish state will not stop the will of the Catalan people."

In Girona, at the polling station where Puigdemont was due to cast his vote, riot police arrived early and smashed their way into the polling station.

Footage, again broadcast globally, shows officers dragging voters from the sports centre, and other clips show officers smashing windows to the entrances.

The ballot paper in the referendum vote asks voters one simple question; "Do you want Catalonia to become an independent state in the form of a republic? Yes or No."