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Move comes after 21 employees fell ill.

The US has withdrawn half of it's staff from its embassy in Havana, Cuba, after diplomats reported feeling unwell.

Reports of a "sonic attack" prompted Washington to take the step to evacuate the embassy whilst also stating that the move wouldn't affect "co-operation between the two countries".

Despite US moves to play down the situation, the Cuban's reacted by calling the move "hasty" and adding that the move would affect bilateral ties between the two countries.

Cuba denies any involvement in "sonic attacks" against US interests in the country.

Meanwhile, back in Washington, the US has suspended visa processing in Cuba, whilst the Canadian authorities confirmed that two of its citizens had been affected.

Only essential staff will remain at the US embassy, with all non-essential staff being ordered to leave.

The attacks, whilst sporadic in nature, have been occurring since late 2016, with the FBI and the Canadian Mounted Police both investigating possible causes.

A US State Department official said on Friday; "We don't know the means, the methods or how the attacks are being carried out,"Until the government of Cuba can ensure safety of our people, we will be reduced to emergency personnel.

"We don't know the means, the methods or how the attacks are being carried out."