France Goes to the Polls Amidst Bolstered Security

Security has been stepped up across France as the country elects a new President.

France has gone to the polls today to pick a new leader, either Front National's Marianne Le Pen, or En Marche! founder, Emmanuel Macron.

Millions of French citizens are voting in what has been seen as the most pivotal presidential election in the country's modern history.

The campaign itself has been devisive, with the major parties bowing out of the campaign at the first round of voting.

Ms Le Pen is going into the election with an anti-immigration, 'France First' policy, whilst Mr Macron is standing on an EU friendly platform.

Polls will close at 7pm CET in rural areas and 8pm CET in the metropolitan areas.

International leaders are watching the French election closely as a barometer for how the french people view ties with the European Union, especially with the United Kingdom voting to exit the political bloc.