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CNN's Living Golf Profiles Ben Hogan

This month, ‘Living Golf’ profiles one of the greatest golfers to ever play the game, Ben Hogan.

In preparation for the US Open, an event Hogan won four times, ‘Living Golf’, hosted by Shane O’Donoghue, travels to Texas where this year’s competition will be held in June.

Hogan’s record speaks for itself: nine major titles, including three in one year. Hogan is fourth on the list of men’s major championship winning golfers and only one of five men to claim the career grand slam. Along with his competition victories, Hogan is revered for his swing widely recognised as one of the finest the game has ever seen.

Featuring on the programme is six time major winner Nick Faldo, who met Hogan in his later years. Faldo explains how Hogan, one of his idols, is somebody he will continually admire for his personality, his playing style and his commitment to the practice range.

Also on ‘Living Golf’ in May is Hogan’s niece Jaqueline Hogan Towery, and his biographer Curt Sampson who both give personal insights on the man.

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