GEM TV Founder Saaed Karimian Killed in Istanbul

Persian satellite network, GEM TV's founder and owner, Saaed Karimian has been shot dead in Istanbul.

Karimian was shot dead in the Maslak area of the Turkish city, a business associate from Kuwait was also killed in the attack.

The CEO was in exile from Iran, having been found guilty in his absense in a Tehran court for spreading propaganda against the Islamic country, and sentenced to a term of six years in prison.

Karimian's GEM TV network specialises in dubbing western television programmes and series into Persian, and then broadcasting them on satellite across the Arabian penninsula.

Sources close to Karimian believe that the killing was an assasination by the Iranian government, however Turkish government officials have distanced themselves from that version of events, instead suggesting that the killing was more likely a gang-led business deal "gone wrong".