UK Lads' Mag Loaded Magazine Folds

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UK Lads' Mag Loaded Magazine Folds
Simian publishing has announced that the latest edition of 'Loaded' magazine will be the last.

Seen as one of the influential 'lads mags' of the 90's generation, Loaded regularly featured scantily-clad women, booze, and football, but had at it's heights, almost a daily national newspaper circulation.

In it's heyday, Loaded shifted near on half a million copies per edition, but this has fallen dramatically as ownership and direction of the magazine has changed in the 2000's era.

The demise of the lad's mag is mainly due to the internet age, and the ability to access the 'ladish' material these magazines thrived on, at the touch of a phone, or computer.

Loaded attempted a relaunch in 2014, under pressure from women's rights groups, claiming to be more 'sophisticated', however the move did nothing for a nose-diving circulation.

The loss of Loaded, and recently Nuts magazine which also went bust recently, will leave a big hole on the shelves of newsagents across the land. The internet however - it's a lad's mag content heaven.

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