UK Election 2017: Is Labour Fit to Govern?

  • Written by Kevin Coy
  • Published in NONSense
UK Election 2017: Is Labour Fit to Govern?
Election campaigning is in its early days ahead of the June 8th poll, but is the UK's opposition party fit to govern?

Since Jeremy Corbyn's rise to leader of the UK's opposition Labour Party, there have been no end of in-fighting, squabbles and gaffes.

Even in the early days of the campaign, shadow home secretary, Diane Abbott, has already put her foot in it, by struggling to recite key costings for a major policy of the Labour Party, that of investing in more Police officers.

In an interview with LBC's Nick Ferarri on Tuesday, Abbott could not accurately answer the policy questions put to her live on air, and in what can only be described as a "car-crash" interview, the gaffe became the narrative of the day, taking the whole Labour campaign off message for a whole news cycle.

But that's only scratching the surface.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is somewhat of a devisive character within his own party. Indeed, he has already been the subject of a leadership challenge, and many both within and outside of the party don't believe he has what it takes to lead the country.

His policies and his personal beliefs on subjects such as the British nuclear deterrent, but him at odds with his own party's policy.

So, with the undertones of discontent within the parliamentary Labour Party, coupled with not only a hungry British news media, but also the public perception of both Corbyn and his shadow cabinet, the main question is, are Labour fit to govern?

The Labour Party machine will need in the coming weeks to tighten up their message, use the media to their advantage and, if at all possible, avoid making a mockery of themselves infront of a hungry media pack.

If, and only if, Labour can manage that between now and election day, do they stand any chance of closing the gap with the ruling Conservative party, and put the brakes on what looks like a possible 100+ seat majority for the tories.