BBC's Paul Wood Wins Second David Bloom Award

Ground reporting from Iraq gains BBC’s World Affairs Correspondent Paul Wood a second David Bloom Award.

BBC’s World Affairs Correspondent Paul Wood has won the David Bloom Award, again - which has never before been given twice to the same recipient.

The announcement was made on Wednesday 25 March at the Annual Radio Television Correspondents’ Association Dinner in Washington DC.

This award recognizes Paul for his frontline reporting from Iraq and his video dispatch ‘The Fight against Islamic State’. Paul, producer Nicola Careem and cameramen Stephen Adrain and Javier Manzano produced a report from the Iraqi town of Jalula, where Kurdish troops were trying to push back the advance of the 'Islamic State'. The report captures how the group quickly came under fire from ISIS fighters, during which a Kurdish soldier was shot in the leg but survived the injury. Paul’s full report can be viewed here:

This report broadcast on the BBC’s daily US newscast World News America in 2014, available in the US and globally on the BBC’s 24 hour international news channel BBC World News, as well as public television in the US. His reports were also featured on BBC News outlets within the UK and online at

Paul has covered a dozen wars in 20 years as a BBC foreign news correspondent and has reported on conflicts in Bosnia, Macedonia, Chechnya, Darfur, the Palestinian territories, Afghanistan, Libya and most recently Iraq and Syria. He was previously the Defence and Middle East correspondent for BBC News. Paul’s journalism has featured in BBC News coverage that has been recognised in the US by the News and Documentary Emmy Awards in 2013 and 2014, the Peabody awards in 2014 and the David Bloom Award in 2013.

The David Bloom Award honors the late NBC correspondent and anchor David Bloom by recognizing excellence and courage in enterprise, investigative or feature reporting. David Bloom was a correspondent for NBC News, co-anchor of ‘Today’ Weekend Edition and widely respected by his colleagues for his reporting.

This is the fifth David Bloom award for BBC News. In 2009 the BBC’s Orla Guerin won the award for her report Chaos in DR Congo - which focused on the plight of Congolese refugees in Kibatia on the outskirts of Goma. In 2010 BBC News correspondent Lyse Doucet won for her report on maternal mortality in Afghanistan: Where Giving Life Is A Death Sentence. In 2012, Paul Wood accepted the award for his report Inside Syria. He was a co-recipient of the award alongside Clarissa Ward from CBS News. In 2013, BBC News correspondent Ian Pannell was also awarded the David Bloom Award in recognition of his reporting from Syria.